About Us

TRA (Tinner Recruitment Agency) is your single source partner for recruiting, screening, and
properly matching talent to the positions you need filled. We will pre-screen and conduct your
orientations with new staff, so they are ready to go on day one, with all paperwork handled by us for your convenience.

We work to achieve the goals for both the job seeker and the employer, matching people with skill Sets to the employer they can benefit the most. Our vision is to help as many people find the jobs they love, with employers they can bring value to, every day.

Our Services

  • Locating staff from out of country who are applying to immigrate to Canada
  • Working with the local Provincial and territorial governments to facilitate this transition
  • Provide potential employers with detailed information on potential candidates
  • Orientate and provide company-required training to all new employees
  • Ensure the best fit of each candidate to each potential employer
  • Strive for successful placement
    every day